Cuisine For Two, Volume 5

Simple, Healthy & Delicious

When it's just two for dinner, and you're looking to put fresh ingredients front and center, look no further.


Fast & fabulous

When it comes to quick meals, seafood is a no-brainer for its ease of preparation. And with dishes like this shrimp pasta, full of fresh produce, you’ll surely be satisfied.


Mexican menus

From tasty tacos, Mexican ribs with spiced mac 'n cheese, and eggs baked in salsa, these simple yet bold-flavored menus are fit for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or any time.


Salads, sandwiches & more

With recipes like this Thai-inspired beef salad, French Dip, and Tuna Melts, simple suppers have never been so easy or tasted this good.

Cuisine For Two, Volume 5

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