Nutrish-ish: Weeknight Easy

When you'd like to eat a little better, but don't want to follow any strict or stringent rules, look to Nutrish-ish, from the editors of Cuisine at Home magazine. We don't profess to “know it all,” but we do care about what's in the food we eat, how it's made, and where it comes from (within reason… we're not looking for pedigree papers!) But mostly, we want our food to taste great and be pretty good for us. And while none of us on staff are vegetarians, we are, for the most part, trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables when it comes to the food we eat and to eat a more whole food based diet. Our motto is: Progress not perfection.

What's in Nutrish-sh by Cuisine at Home: Weeknight Easy? You'll find a collection of recipes geared towards flavor and a more nutrish-ish eating approach. With mindful swaps and substitutions, you can have your pizza and cake and eat it, too.

Nutrish-ish: Weeknight Easy

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