Celebrate the Seasons Issue 4

In Issue 4 (June 2015)

  • Five-Spice Glazed Chicken
    A quick five-spice glaze enhances an otherwise ho-hum piece of chicken with a burst of Chinese flavors. There’s no need for takeout tonight!
  • Plum Salsa
    Sweet, tart, and a little hot, this fresh salsa is unbelievably simple, yet it beats any jarred variety by a mile.
  • Tomato-Tarragon Chicken
    Grilled chicken breasts take on a burst of flavor from a tarragon-seasoned tomato sauce. Easy is the name of the game!
  • Fresh Spinach & Fennel Salad
  • Sweet & Hot Pepper Chicken
    Hot pepper glaze and a sprinkling of fresh jalapeños turn up the heat and give this pepper chicken a fiery attitude.
  • Salsa Mashed Potatoes
    Turn a comfort food classic into more summery fare by adding fresh salsa flavors to rib-sticking mashed potatoes.
  • Smoked Turkey Breast with white barbecue sauce
    This mayonnaise-marinated smoked turkey breast is outrageously tasty, and it’s a great value to boot!
  • Colcannon Potato Salad
    Based on the traditional Irish potato dish, this grilled potato and kale salad is better than your average spud.
  • Teriyaki T-Bone Steaks
    Sometimes the simplest things give us the most pleasure. Such is true when teriyaki steak and red cabbage slaw are on the menu.
  • Japanese Red Cabbage Slaw
    Chili garlic sauce lends just the right amount of sweet, garlicky heat to this simple, tangy slaw.

Celebrate the Seasons Issue 4


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