Celebrate the Seasons Issue 12

In Issue 12 (October 2016)

  • Tomato Braised Chicken with cheese tortellini
    Busy weeknights are no match for this Italian meal. Take on old-school cuisine with the help of a slow cooker.
  • Fennel & Orange Salad with pistachios
    This is the perfect side dish for a comforting Italian dinner. Crispy, crunchy, and juicy, this salad has it all.
  • Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole
    Take a traditional French dish and turn it into a down-home comforting casserole family and friends will love.
  • Crispy Romaine Salad with apples & beets
    From pickled beets to apples and celery, each ingredient shines in this salad, creating a unique side full of various textures and flavors.
  • Turkey Meatloaf
    Thanksgiving dinners always include the great pairing of turkey and cranberries. Bet you’ve never had them like this before.
  • Ginger-Cranberry Chutney
    A traditional side gets a spicy makeover from fresh ginger and Anaheim chile, while orange is used for a touch of sweetness.
  • Bistro Beef Stew
    This cozy bistro-style stew celebrates the comfort-food season with its heartiness, and is sure to warm you up on cool nights.
  • Parmesan Herb Bread
    Full of flavor from Parmesan and the spice blend herbs de Provence, this bread is great with any soup or stew.
  • Italian Beef Sandwiches au jus
    Harness the powers of a slow cooker to feed a crowd. It has never been easier or tastier with this hot Italian beef.
  • Creamy Italian Potato Salad
    Keep the theme going with this simple potato salad tossed with Italian dressing. It’s the perfect side for a hearty sandwich.

Celebrate the Seasons Issue 12


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