Celebrate the Seasons Issue 13

In Issue 13 (December 2016)

  • Deep-Fried Turkey Breast
    This menu may have its culinary roots in the South, but with a bounty of make-ahead recipes that smartly employ the whole kitchen, its easy-going appeal is unbounded by borders.
  • Bacon-Roasted Potatoes with Parmesan & garlic vinaigrette
  • Creamed Greens with smoked ham
  • Scalloped Corn with cornbread streusel
  • Turkey Pozole Soup
  • Curried Turkey Salad
    Go classic with your turkey leftovers and turn them into a lightened-up Curried Turkey Salad.
  • Turkey Rice Pilaf with kalamata olives & spinach
  • Bacon-Cheddar Country Biscuits with baked eggs
  • Tomato Jam
    Say goodbye to ketchup and hello to great tomato taste when you sample the first bite of this homemade, make-ahead, savory jam.
  • Magnolia Sunrise

Celebrate the Seasons Issue 13


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