Weeknight Menus Issue 12

In Issue 12 (December 2016)

  • Chicken & Prosciutto Pasta with basil and almonds
    Creamy lemon sauce, hearty chicken, and salty bits of crispy prosciutto — it doesn’t get much more comforting than this.
  • Kale-Apple Salad with mustard dressing
    Hearty, healthful, and simply yummy, this salad has got it all going on. It’s certain to be on constant rotation all season long.
  • Lime Chicken Soup with avocado
    This soup is destined to be a new weeknight favorite. It’s so full of flavor you might not realize it’s low in fat and calories, too.
  • Queso Dip & Chips
    Who doesn’t love a good cheesy dip? And when it’s queso dip, served with tortilla chips, it just doesn’t get any better.
  • Piñon & Pepita-Crusted Chicken Tenders
    Crispy and crunchy, this chicken dinner is definitely a winner. Serve it with sautéed corn for a taste of summer.
  • Tomatillo Corn
    Frozen at the peak of freshness, using frozen corn allows you to keep the flavors of summer going all year long.
  • Chicken Carbonara with peas & bread crumbs
    Which came first, the chicken or the egg? In this classic “bacon-and-egg” dish, it’s a delicious toss-up.
  • Romaine, Tomato & Carrot Salad
    This salad keeps things simple yet flavorful, so it’s best to follow the mantra — quality counts — and choose your ingredients wisely.
  • Beef & Mushroom Stir-Fry
    This recipe tickles every cooking nerve you can possibly imagine — salty, sweet, spicy, and best of all, simple.
  • Asian Broccolini
    With this simple, yet delicious recipe, eating your greens just got a whole lot easier, and much tastier, too.

Weeknight Menus Issue 12


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