Weeknight Menus Issue 21

In Issue 21 (June 2018)

  • Southwestern Cobb Salad Quesadillas
    In this recipe, two favorites converge to make one fantastic salad. Here’s a whole new way to look at the classic Cobb.
  • Mojitos
  • Chipotle Turkey Burgers
    Finally, a turkey burger that really tastes good! It’s moist, satisfying, and jam-packed with Southwestern flavor.
  • Spicy Tortilla Chips
    Serve these chips with some fresh guacamole, and you have the perfect appetizer for any gathering!
  • Herbed Rib-Eyes with parmesan tomatoes
    Simplicity at its best — a great cut of meat bathed only in the finest of olive oil and freshest of herbs. This is pure heaven.
  • Sour Cream Potato Salad
    This potato salad is delicious served warm. Refrigerate the leftovers, and try it cold the next day. The flavors are still delightful!
  • Citrus Bricked Chicken
    Orange, fennel, olives, and honey — these classic flavors of Provence are a perfect match with grilled, bricked chicken thighs.
  • Fennel & Orange Salad
    This salad is packed with flavor, comes together quickly, and can be used year-round. What’s not to love?
  • Spice-Grilled Halibut in spanish shrimp sauce
    If the phrase “packed with flavor” appeals to you, then this sensational halibut dish is just what you’ve been looking for.
  • Grilled Potatoes
    Skip heating up your kitchen with quick, easy, simply seasoned grilled potatoes. They’re every bit as good as oven-roasted.

Weeknight Menus Issue 21


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